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sweet surprise

Posted on December 20th, by admin in BLOG. No Comments

a sweet surprise. a kiss from the Lord.  a blessing from our friends and church family.  we walked into church to find a table all decorated with tree and beautifully cut out, decorated ornaments in two shapes ~ one a plane, one a house.  and a framed message about our plans with a heart felt request.  ornaments for sale ~ any price.  choose a plane and please pray for the Lord to make a way for travel plans.  choose a house and please pray for a new home, its furnishing and provision.  and i was undone.  simple God breathed idea. and people stopped.  and chose. and blessings and prayers were written and hung on a tree.  and the total for a day left me amazed at my God and blessed by my friends.

and then a second sunday arrived and more … Read More »

snuggled on sunday

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it’s sunday. it’s cold outside. sitting here by the twinkling christmas tree lights snuggled in sweatshirts and cozy slippers. continue to try to convince children that perhaps now that it’s dark and cold and snow covers the top, it might be a bit cold to jump on the trampoline. try. but seldom succeed. so out they go with snow pants and coats and hats. or in they stay and cuddle in blankets and beg for christmas movies.

we have been doing a different kind of advent calendar this year. it came from here. oh i love it. an ornament every day for a special tree. scripture to teach us. a prayer as a family. an activity to focus us all on love and the true meaning of the season.

and we will pick out christmas gifts for Jesus. because it is His … Read More »


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someday soon i will leave here.  i will pack my little ones and hold my husband’s hand and we will board a plane for a country far away.  a place that has been calling to us from across an ocean.  to be with little treasures who have been praying and fasting for us to come.  i will leave what i know, what i am comfortable with and i will go.  i will sell what i own and leave extended family and lifelong friends.  i will walk with my children, hand-in-hand with my husband across the red dirt and into our new home.  and we will open our lives to the things He has to teach us through the precious children who think we are there to give to them.  but you see i know better.  i have glimpsed the things … Read More »

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