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a little sharing

Posted on January 20th, by admin in BLOG. No Comments

we were so blessed this past sunday.  our church asked us to share a little bit about our plans for africa and to update the entire church.  what a sweet, sweet blessing to be asked to share our story and keep the church informed.  a simple gesture that speaks so much of love and support.  how do we put into words what that means?  to know we have the support of family and friends.  the support of our entire church.   something we treasure in our hearts and thank God for often.

so we stood in front of our congregation.  and we showed our hearts.  i told of a dream ~ one to hold little treasure who didn’t have a mama.  a dream that initially was not shared.  not to travel that far.  not really that into it.  then God.  talking, showing, … Read More »

have you seen…

Posted on January 2nd, by admin in BLOG. No Comments

i’ve seen this weekend. i’ve seen Him all around me. in little moments. in simple acts that would have gone unnoticed. have you seen?

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Photo Friday – June 28th

Sugarcane, braiding and jump rope

Photo Friday – June 21st

This week was back to school for Mia, Asher and Eli and also some fun playing in the rain.


Photo Friday – June 14th

This week’s pictures are more of our 4 children because all the other children have been busy back at school.