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About Our Family

Welcome to the Wilson Family… all six of us. We have been married nine years and are blessed with four amazing children ~ Mia {6}, Asher {5}, Eli {3} and Ethan {1}. We are currently in Indiana but our family is on a journey to live and serve in the city of Gulu in Northern Uganda. To learn more about where we are headed, click here. We will be serving orphans at House of Hope Orphanage, a part of Favor of God ministries. Our goal is to be at House of Hope Orphanage loving and living with their amazing children by Fall 2012.

About our family

I was blessed with amazing parents who gave me a great foundation in the Lord which I have continued building upon as an adult. Although my degree is in Psychology and Sociology, my work experience took me mostly into the construction/real estate industry for ten years. In my spare time I enjoy music, art, and the outdoors. I can get lost in a philosophical conversation for hours. I love being a husband and a father and am looking forward to the adventures that my family and I are about to experience in Uganda. Fun fact: I just started finger picking guitar lessons! We will see how much I can learn before we leave.


I love, love, love being a wife and mother and a daughter of my Lord. I am also a physical therapist currently working a few days a week in an outpatient clinic. When I’m not at work you can usually find me homeschooling our older kiddos, crafting or sitting on the floor surrounded by books. God placed in me the desire to be in Africa, working with His children, long before I even knew Him. It has been an interesting, God led adventure to get us here and there is nowhere else I would rather be then right in the middle of His plan for our family.


The Kiddos
We are blessed to have 4 amazing kids. Mia is our oldest and has a beautiful, giving heart. She loves giving gifts {especially ones she’s made} and already cares deeply for those in need around her. Asher has a compassionate and sensitive heart. He is very aware of the people around him, but sword fighting and wrestling are a part of his daily routine. Eli’s name means mouthpiece of God and he has embraced this meaning completely. He is very vocal and seems to have only one volume setting. Eli is all boy and absolutely loves participating in wrestling matches and sword fighting duels with Asher. Ethan is our youngest and following in Eli’s adventurous footsteps. We often find him climbing on, jumping off or exploring something with little concern for his own safety. His little personality is emerging and we love what a snuggler he can be ~ especially with his mama.

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Photo Friday – June 28th

Sugarcane, braiding and jump rope

Photo Friday – June 21st

This week was back to school for Mia, Asher and Eli and also some fun playing in the rain.


Photo Friday – June 14th

This week’s pictures are more of our 4 children because all the other children have been busy back at school.