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How can we do this?


We are not independently wealthy.  We do not have every step of this journey exactly timed or mapped or charted.  We are relying on God with each step, with each moment and with every breath.  He planted this seed in us, in our family, and we trust in Him as we take each day one moment at a time.  And though the journey is just beginning it has been amazing! He has met us at each step, at each turn, and has lovingly been with us through it all.  Some of it has not looked as we planned or thought, but we trust, we believe, and we continue to move down the path He has for us.

He has given us ideas for fundraising that are out of the box and that are emerging and in the planning stages. And as those grow and evolve, we continue the process of selling nearly everything we own to help provide money for this journey.  Christ has blessed us with individuals and organizations that have supported us in many different ways.  He has provided us this website to share our hearts and to meet new partners in our journey.  We are so truly blessed by each new partner.  If you are interested in joining with us, please click the image below to learn about the different ways you can partner with us.
Thank you for your interest in our family and helping us along in our journey!



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Latest entries from our Family BLOG

Photo Friday – June 28th

Sugarcane, braiding and jump rope

Photo Friday – June 21st

This week was back to school for Mia, Asher and Eli and also some fun playing in the rain.


Photo Friday – June 14th

This week’s pictures are more of our 4 children because all the other children have been busy back at school.