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House of Hope Orphanage
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We will be serving at House of Hope Orphanage in northern Uganda.  House of Hope Orphanage is family based homes currently caring for 33 children ranging in age from about 4 -18.  We will be living on site with these precious treasures and assisting with the daily routines and in any way we are needed.

House of Hope Orphanage is an arm of Favor of God ministries, who recently purchased 10 acres for the children.  Construction has begun and currently one family building is finished while three others wait to be completed.  A large communal kitchen also needs to be built.  They are still in need of funds to complete this construction and be able to move the children and our family onto the land.

A little bit about Favor of God ~ Their mission is to see the church united and commissioned to bring sustainable and transformational revival to all areas of life – spiritual, physical, social, emotional, economic, academic, and moral. To accomplish their mission, Favor of God provides many ministries to the people in Northern Uganda.

How we met a world away ~ In February 2011, Peter traveled with a friend on a five country vision trip to Africa {Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi}. He fell in love with Uganda immediately.  Favor of God was one of the organizations they visited and Peter knew as soon as he met them he wanted to serve with them.  He connected right away with the adults but fell in love with the children, their hearts for the Lord and their nightly worship.  Communication continued after he returned home and things began to line up and fall into place.  Then we were blessed when Carole and Benjamin (the directors of Favor of God) came to the United States and were able to spend a few days with us.  We got to know them and they got to know us and our families.  The Lord solidified for all of us this was where He wanted us and we made a commitment to serve at House of Hope Orphanage in October 2011.

Below is a video from Favor of God. It’s a great summary of the ministry and lets you get an idea of what the area truly looks like.

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Sugarcane, braiding and jump rope

Photo Friday – June 21st

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Photo Friday – June 14th

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